Sunday, February 27, 2005

Internet Access via Bluetooth on Linux

About a month ago, I went to Sham Siu Po and found that there was a Bluetooth adaptor which cost $1xx. So, what I came up was:
can I use it to build a wireless network?

Most people use 802.11[abg], but it seems you require to buy an adaptor for each computer in order to have wireless access, and one router for the network too. So, the total cost is much higher than using bluetooth way.

Bluetooth seems to be one common connectivity for home appliances. Imagine you can connect to a TV set and control it remotely while you are working your word processing software. :)

The drawbacks are:
- low link speed (only 721kbps for USB 1.1 Bluetooth 1.1)
- might be less than 10 Bluetooth devices
- [is it high transmitting power at the Antenna?]

This link inspires me to write this blog. :)

for windows
Palm Quick Answers -- Internet Access via Bluetooth on Linux: "Internet Access via Bluetooth on Linux"

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