Friday, October 28, 2005

A day of bug fixing...

It might be good to tell more about my job...

Now I received a list of bugs:
[hmm site]/forum/main/list/

PRC forum
• Bug: IE browser title text should be in S.Chinese. [Yes it is, I tried to fix it but time is not allowed.]
• Bug: Click 免費入會 will go to HK site.
• Bug: Click 忘記密碼 will go to HK site.
• Bug: Click 登出 will go to HK site.
• Bug: Click 更改個人資料 will go to HK site.
• Bug: Click HMM logo will go to HK site.
• Bug: Add ALT for images on left panel
• Bug: The “編輯” image is broken.

Both HK and PRC
• Bug: Search, if key in 2 words (1 word is ok) with result of several, return error

After receiving it from Sam, I starts checking the issue. Well, some is known to me.


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